Critical Race Theory by any other name…

…is still racist.

There was a recent article in the Rio Rancho Observer where Rio Rancho Public Schools Superintendent Sue Cleveland tackles the question of Critical Race Theory head on.

Rudi Dutschke: Long March Through the Institutions of Power

The article includes the following: “In regard to the controversial critical race theory, which has garnered board members emails calling for it not to be taught within RRPS, Superintendent Sue Cleveland said CRT is ‘normally taught in higher ed … and is not appropriate for K through 12.’ Thus, it’s not in RRPS’s curriculum.”

The problem is that Critical Race Theory takes numerous forms, and many incidences are subtle. Concepts such as “Social and Emotional Learning” and “Culturally and Linguistically Responsive” learning, paired with “Restorative Justice” all incorporate critically racist theory without calling it Critical Race Theory. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and Critical Race Theory by any other name is just as racist.

The problem originated over the last several decades when the liberal-progressive left pushed for “the long march through the institutions,” a slogan coined by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci and made popular by communist activist Rudi Dutschke in the 1960’s. The institutions we rely on have been corrupted with extremist propaganda. 

Today, my wife and I are not allowed inside our own children’s school. The reason? COVID. We’re not allowed to examine the textbooks that surround my children, nor are we allowed to see the environment in which they spend many hours each day. Not being able to see how my children spend their days is dangerous.

They’ve done it. Their long march through our educational institutions has enabled their complete control over the indoctrination of our youth.

For a long time, critics have spoken and written about the “Long March” in the future tense, as something that could happen if we’re not careful. But it may be time now to acknowledge that the leftist takeover of American institutions is well underway. In some segments of our culture it has, to all intents and purposes, already been accomplished.

Hopefully, there is still time for courageous people within these institutions to come to their senses and realize that they are being used.

So what do we do?

We must fight back. We must fight to regain control of our institutions to protect future generations of Americans. And we must take back our institutions by regaining control at the most basic level: school boards.

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