My child was unscientifically banned from school for two weeks because of allergies

My wife and I made the prudent decision to keep our oldest child home from school today. The impact of the wildfires in California and the constant plume of smoke descending on New Mexico triggered an allergic reaction, causing coughing and sneezing.

No description available.

This afternoon, we received the unceremonious announcement that she was banned from school for two weeks. Subject: “Return to School Following Report of COVID Symptoms”.

According to the Public Education Department Toolkit, since your child has a symptom that could be related to COVID-19, you must keep your child home from school for 10 days from the date you first noticed symptoms.

As parents, we recognize her reaction as allergic, as she develops these symptoms when presented with an allergic trigger, in this case we attributed to the smoke from the California fires.

I call on the governor of New Mexico and the Public Education Department to follow the science behind allergic reactions and recognize that allergies are not indicative or symptoms of COVID.

Thank you California.

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  1. My son was sent home from his elementary school complaining of a stomach ache. Because that isn’t on the checklist of “covid symptoms”. The nurse instead checked “chest pain” and gave us the same instructions. 10 days out or a clean covid test. She gave us information on where we could get that covid test.
    We get our son home and find out his stomach ache is confined to the lower right quadrant of his abdomen, and is getting worse by the minute.
    I am grateful that they called me, as he needed his appendix removed. He is grateful that he has attentive, knowledgeable parents who didnt take the school nurses suggestion and ignore the evidence the way she did. I am so disappointed that the nurse would ignore clear signs of acute appendicitis and instead push more covid fear. I am calling on all PED, School administration, staff and parents to move past the covid hysteria and see it for what is really is (an treatable and highly survivalable airborne respiratory virus with a high transmission rate, but a very low fatality rate) instead of the monster we’ve been told to fear. So we can all move on with our lives instead of being stuck in this cycle of fear and ignorance.

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